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  • 19th July
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4 Phoenix tools I would really recommend. In no particular order…

1: Special strong tug made out of hessian. Unfortunately it’s now destroyed because I forgot to hide it once, and she chewed through the strap so I just cut my losses (I meant to keep it hidden, rare, a special, high-value treat) and let her have it all as a chew toy. But, before then, it was fantastically strong, easy to tug with, and she really seemed to enjoy the texture. I need to get another!

2: Foldable travel water bowl. See all the ridges? It flattens down like a little plastic saucer, really easy to stuff in a little bag. Then it pops out like that, for hot, energetic days.

3: Sometimes, quick-fixes are needed. Whether I’m just feeling run-down and exhausted and don’t have the energy to work on perfect lead walking, or if she is in a particularly evilly boisterous, stubborn mood. The dogmatic puts control into this headcollar and really minimizes pulling. It took some conditioning for her to ignore it on her, but we got there. It’s an easy (but temporary!!) quick fix for when I don’t want her to be self-reinforced by pulling without having to ruin the relationship by using fear, discomfort or even pain by using a so-called “training” collar. She can still eat, bark, pant, and carry things while wearing it.

4: My favourite. A 15 metre rope lead. Need I say anymore? Sometimes I don’t want to risk letting her off - near a road, too high/close a distraction for her training level, or similar to #3, if I don’t have the mental capacity to concentrate on her. The only con? It was the longest (for a reasonable price) that I found, but get caught the wrong way and it burns like a demon.

  1. offendedrhino said: I agree with all but the headstall. I never agree with something so confinin. I always had problems with tiedowns on horses to get them to arch their neck and collect themselves.
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